Solar PV and Car Charging

As we move towards decarbonising most forms of transport most people do not realise the running costs, here are a few ideas to whet your appetite.

  1. Average running costs of family car as low as 3p per mile ( based upon charging a 30kWh battery at day rates of 15p per kWh)
  2. Charging at off peak rates the running costs can be reduced to 1.5p per mile ( based on an example of Nissan Leaf with a real driving conditions and a vehicle range of 150 miles for 30kWh full charge.
  3. Installing Solar PV can lead to a running cost of almost zero, locking down vehicle costs for the next 20-25 years . This will future proof energy and running costs despite the inevitable price hikes from the energy companies e-on, edfENERGY, British Gas, Centrica, SSE, npower, Scottish Power and all the other independent suppliers
  4. Perrin Energy can help you move towards a cleaner future by installing your Solar PV, battery storage , EV car charging needs.