Battery Storage

A Financially Attractive Addition to Your Solar PV System

Whether you are considering installing a new Solar Pv system or have an existing array Solar PV Battery Storage is worth considering as it increases self-consumption and maximises the return on your investment.

Battery Storage allows you to optimise self-consumption & is currently much more beneficial to the home owner than simply feeding solar energy into the grid. The energy is stored within the battery until it is needed including night time when the solar array is no longer producing electricity. With battery storage, you can store up to 70% for self-consumption. The amount your save is considerably more attractive than the feed-in tariff. Some of the new generation of batteries allow you to switch from being tied to the  grid to just supplying your home with electricity, ideal for customers who live in power cut prone areas

  • Home battery storage in the UK has an array of benefits for property owners:
  • Increase your self-consumption up to 70%
  • Save money on energy bills through using more of the solar energy your array produces
  • Export less of your PV produced electricity to the grid but still receive the same Feed in Tariff ¬†Export rate.
  • Install a DC tied battery & take back control in power cuts.
  • Ideal for any home or small business use.
  • Easy to install even with current PV Systems
  • Compatible with aero voltaic systems saving even more money on your energy bills.

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