Fantastic Energy savings with Great looking products.

A couple of really great looking Solar PV installations in South Lincolnshire installed in the last week. LG panels , Solar Edge optimised system complete with immersion controllers already producing great savings for our customers.Producing hot water and electricity at the same time. contact us at or telephone 01205 351508 for more information and pricing.

Why should I Consider having Solar PV or Battery Storage.

10 Great Reasons to Install Solar PV

    1. Be your own green power station! Once installed the electricity generation is free for your family to use. Perrin Energy install great quality Solar PV systems throughout the whole of the East Midlands and East Anglia to help you achieve this. A Lincolnshire company based in Boston with an unparalleled reputation for quality and service.
    2. Enjoy real electricity savings. Solar PV can reduce your electricity bills by up to 70%.Great quality Solar PV installed by us can help you make great savings.
    3. Low Maintenance Costs, once installed it is virtually maintenance free. Perrin Energy make sure using quality products and installed and commissioned by our great team that you will never have any problems.
    4. Solar PV is much cheaper to install than most people think. Get in touch with one of Perrin Energy’s friendly team to get a free no obligation quote. Perrin Energy install throughout the East Midlands, Lincoln, Lincolnshire,Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.
    5. PV systems don’t just rely on glorious sunny days to generate electricity, apart from hours of darkness the system create electricity for your family to use, helping you reduce your energy costs and saving you money.
    6. Make the most of every watt you generate, storage systems are now very efficient & affordable we install throughout Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire,Lincoln,Peterborough and the East Midlands.
    7. You can charge you can charge your Electric Vehicle for free, Perrin Energy can design and install Energy systems and car charging points so that your car running costs are virtually non-existent.
    8. By also installing a device to your immersion tank Perrin Energy can reduce your hot water heating costs by up to 85% annually.
    9. A lot of our customers say if they moved to a house without PV they would install it again as they have been converted to the advantages of this great product!
    10. Enjoy the smug feeling of not worrying about yet another hike in the cost of electricity. Perrin Energy can really help you make large energy savings literally without costing the earth.

Please look at some of work from Lincoln, Peterborough ,Nottingham, Norwich ,Cambridge and all areas between either on our facebook page @perrinenergy or our website


P.S We help save polar bears and penguins.

Fantastic Building Integrated Solar PV system.

Another really great looking In-roof system nearing completion.

This 6kW system is incorporated into a new slate roof. It not only looks great it will also drastically reduce this family homes electricity and heating bills and will pay for itself in 6-7 years. Beautiful looking and a great investment.

Reduce your heating costs by up to 50%

The most powerful Solar Panel in the world.
R-Volt PLUS Comfort and energy.
Produces enough heat to potentially reduce heating bills by 50%
Generates electricity to reduce your electricity costs
Improves air quality in your home by blowing filtered air in
Produces a cooling affect on summer nights
Installed by experienced accredited MCS installers.
Contact us at to find out more or visit our website

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